How long have you been in business?
20 years in furniture design and manufacturing, 1 year specifically in children’s furniture

What is your area of specialty?
Custom Children’s Furniture, specializing in luxury, handcrafted pieces designed and built to last a lifetime.

When did you develop a passion for this line of work?
1.5 years ago, when my youngest son was hospitalized in the NICU, I had a huge, spiritual epiphany and knew I wanted to draw upon an existing idea (tufted children’s cribs) and create a viable, successful company that could accumulate funds to give back to children in need – specifically to organizations that assist in the physical and emotional healing of children, worldwide.

How did you get started?
I thought of the name, drew what I wanted the logo to look like on a chalkboard in my house, created a vision board surrounding my ideas, and released this intention into the Universe. Shortly thereafter, I carved out office and warehouse space for Tuft Love at Lounge Appeal Event Furniture rentals and started sketching designs and working with craftsmen in building our first collection, The Classics Collection.

Who is your typical clientele?
Women – specifically Moms and Design Professionals that are passionate about the design of their home and children’s rooms and nurseries.

What is your business philosophy/mission/goal?
Tuft Love Custom Children’s Furniture designs and handcrafts the most luxurious children’s furnishings. You can customize the upholstery, button and finish on every piece, and we proudly use environmentally friendly, child safe and certified materials. With two decades of experience in furniture design and manufacturing, our quality and craftsmanship are extraordinary. Tuft Love was founded with the purpose to create beautiful, heirloom quality furniture that your family will love and keep for years to come, while supporting various organizations that help children in need, worldwide. These non-profit organizations provide humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in low income families, children in developing countries, children in need of medical assistance and healing, and children that are affected by acts of war. We happily donate 10% of all purchases to these organizations as our part in giving back.

To what do you attribute your success?
A few things, mostly my unwavering faith in God/Universe and the Angels, the passion for my 2 sons, Jack and James that have opened my eyes to the innate kindness, beauty and innocence that all children possess, and to my personal wisdom and perseverance in manifesting dreams/ideas into reality

What business achievement are you most proud of?
The money Tuft Love raised through the silent auction at Lounge Appeal’s Anniversary party, where 100% of proceeds benefited the ER Unit at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Are you involved in the community?
yes, through Tuft Love and Lounge Appeal I have directly and collectively supported numerous charities and companies here in Southern California, I am working with and volunteering my time helping the children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Are you married; have children?
Yes, I just celebrated 5 years of marriage, to Clint Griggs, Founder of Lounge Appeal Event Rentals and together we have 3 children.

Tuft Love Motto: “Powered by Passion, Lead by Love”

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